To be or not to be to fat for one seat… That is the question

This semester I will be following PRNewser.

I was recently reading a blog called “Southwest Airlines doesn’t care about Kevin Smith.” I found it very interesting while also slightly humorous at the same time. Kevin Smith is a famous film director who was kicked off a Southwest Airlines flight because he was deemed a “safety risk”, aka to fat to sit in one seat. He normally buys two seats but there was only one seat left on this particular plane so he went with it. After being kicked off the plane, Smith went public with his complaints on Twitter and now all social media are blogging away. What I thought was interesting about this blog was the authors opinion on this situation. That Southwest Airlines really does not care about this one person called Kevin Smith. As he stated, Southwest Airlines isn’t going to feel bad and people are not going to choose other airplanes because of this incident. But Southwest Airlines could always use this incident as a way to gain media exposure if they chose too.

What do you think? Log on to Southwest Airlines website and post your opinions!


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