Social Media…Use it! It’s FREE!

Throughout the week, I have been focusing on the use of social media through posts on my new blog, It was so interesting to me to read about how social media is and is going to continue to be extremely important to our culture for many years to come, especially in the field of public relations. Something that really stood out to me while I was reading through various posts was “work on a social media MBA today for free”. It is so crazy to think that the media has become ever-changing and that companies are now able to provide communication, like advertisements for FREE!

I am also amazed about all the new technologies that are being developed that will be able to provide even more benefits to companies in various ways. There is a new presentation tool called Prezi that I was able to learn about through my blog, which basically provides a new, more interactive way for a company or individual who uses presentations at work or home. The new tool allows you to present concepts and visuals of what you are trying to communicate rather than just using the basic bullets or sentences through a program like PowerPoint for example. I think this new tool could also be very beneficial for college students to learn about and possibly help them with their future careers.


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