Brogan Post

Brogan posted a few blogs about social media that I found intriguing. I loved how he discussed the importance of “promoting” different charities. He pushed for people who used Twitter to send out “tweets” so that those who weren’t aware of new activities or events happening would be informed. He also shared that telling family stories was a fun way to blog. People reading blogs sometimes enjoy hearing stories from the past.

In another post, Brogan talked about the difference between publishing and journalism. I was not aware that there was a difference, but I was completely wrong. Brogan said, “Journalists seek to create compelling information that is helpful and news-worthy, and publishing seeks to push more product, deliver higher circulation value, and create more value for sponsors/advertisers/money-holders.” I always figured that the “new” journalist tried to do their own publishing, and when they became more confident in their work, they would hire a publisher.

Social media is all about getting involved in the community and being aware of the new trends. Brogan stressed the importance of catching up with the public places that we may have forgotten about and make sure that we understand what their purpose is and also make sure that they know who you are as well. He said that community knowledge is important.


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