Shel Holtz certainly put some thought and opinion into his last blog titled, “Personal vs. logo Twitter accounts: Must they be mutually exclusive?” He gave quite a bit of detail and examples to argue both sides, which made it worth reading to me. Honestly, who wants to read a blog that’s completely one-sided?

In this blog, Shel took the approach of comparing blog and twitter users and the argument of whether people want to read blogs by fictitious characters (such as Eric Cartman from “South Park”) or would it be better if “South Park” creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone blogged? Shel agreed that it would be a good idea for the creater to do so but also mentioned that he’d, “still expect to laugh [his] ass off reading a Cartman blog.” After some thought, I found my thoughts paralleling with Shel’s.

In truth, the prevalence of communication through blogging, facebook, twitter and whatever other portals there are out there is still mind boggling to me. There are certainly benefits but I fear the authenticity of relationships may be dying.


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