What I learned from A Pitching Lesson

I recently read A Pitching Lesson on the site PRSquared, and learned a lot of good techniques on how to sell a pitch.  The first rule that is emphasized throughout the blog is to not make a pitch seem like it is a pitch.  This might not apply to you and me right now because for the most part we are not trying to market anything, or one, yet, but this will be very important for us to remember when getting into the work field.  The first way to do this is not write “Dear…”, but instead open your email with he or she’s name.  Second, put it in a letter format, but still make it personal.  You can do this by introducing yourself in the first paragraph, giving the receiver of the email a chance to know you a little better.  Making sure the reader feels relaxed and confident in you is very important.  While writing the rest of the letter, it is important to come across as a friend.  The blog reminds it’s audience that people respond better to a message if it comes from a friend, not a stranger. When concluding the letter, remember that your pitch should not sound like a pitch, simply a friend telling their idea.


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