“Finding My Blogger Voice”

I recently read a blog concerning the incessant media bliss of Tiger Woods. Written by Michael Whitlow, this blog demonstrated the opinionated tone that most blogs typically convey, rather than a purely informational forum. As I continued reading about the PR crisis troubles of the PGA Tour and Tiger, I realized just how easy it was to follow along with Whitlow’s style of writing. I think that it is important to note how bloggers use their own tone and style of writing to their advantage. In this case, Whitlow criticizes the PGA for hosting Tiger’s public apology. He claimed that this “mea culpa” is a bad PR move for the PGA because they have already lost an estimated 100 million dollars due to Tiger’s troubles. The blog continued using lofty language, and even provided a solution to avert this mistake. But most importantly, Whitlow backed up all of his opinionated sentences with tags and evidence. Each significant statement gave credit to a source and even provided a highlighted link. As a novice blogger and a wide-eyed PR student, I find it interesting that a few paragraphs can come across with so much power and value. More reading and research will inevitably increase my understanding of the role of social media; but only practice will teach me how to convey that voice of intelligent authority formed within these blogs.


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