Top 10 PR Blogs

Week before last you signed up for the blog you will follow and report on this semester. Here is the information:

PRNewser: Erica

Press Pass: Ashley Emily

PRoactive: Sean

The Buzz Bin: August

PR Squared: Jenna

A Shel of My Former Self: Brittney Harrison

The Bad Pitch Blog: Milan Mayo

A link to each blog can be found in the Blogroll section of this site.

One thought on “Top 10 PR Blogs”

  1. “A Shel of my Former Self,” posted something about Newton’s third law of motion, which states threat every action has an equal and opposite reaction. The blog discussed how prevalent Newton’s law is in our world. Mentioning the relationship between the Internet and geography and traditional marketing certainly opened my mind to how much drastically the Internet has affected how we engage with others and view the world.

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